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Wellbeing - Alcohol Change Wellbeing for Chronic Health Conditions
The Online Therapy Unit offers free Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for several mental health concerns. Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy involves reviewing treatment materials online with optional support from a therapist offered via secure email or phone. The approach is free, effective, and convenient.
The Online Therapy Unit was founded by Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos in 2010 and the research team has received funding from multiple sources since this time including: Canadian Institutes of Health ResearchInnovative Medicines CanadaSaskatchewan Health Research Foundation, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

Hope Requires Action

Allan Kehler, International Keynote Speaker, Mental Health Advocate

The sunrise has always played a pivotal role in my life. Too many nights, I wondered whether or not I would make it to the morning. I used to always say, "One day I am not going to have to fight so hard."

Recently, I was driving to my office and I pulled over to watch the sun climb over the horizon. With coffee in hand, I took the time to be still, and recognize that my wish has become my reality. For me, the sunrise is synonymous with hope. But, as we all know, hope is not enough. Hope requires action. [...]


YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Mental Health Resources for All

Financial struggles, tough economic times, family conflict, and relationship troubles can affect your mental health, and mental health problems can make these challenges even more difficult to navigate. Whether it is for yourself or someone else (an employee, co-worker, friend), there are supports in place that are accessible to you. 

  • Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatchewan Division, website at
  • Visit Mobile Crisis Services online ( or call one of their helplines (306) 757-0127
  • Farm/Rural Stress Line (800) 667-4442
  • Healthline 8-1-1

Remember, you are not alone. If you have even the smallest question or concern, contact any of the resources listed above right away.