Tourism Professional Development Bursary applications open May 1

Tourism Saskatchewan's Tourism Professional Development Bursary pays applicable fees, up to $500 per participant.

Bursaries are available for:

  • emerit Professional or Specialist Certification; or
  • Tourism Apprenticeship Trades.

Applications are accepted from May 1 to 31. Successful applicants must complete their training by May 30, 2022.

CEO Message: 2020 – The Year That Was

“Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun….”

After 12 long months of a Covid winter, we are now finally on the cusp of celebrating a glorious summer. We still have lots of questions, like, is there now going to be a full year of recovery and prosperity? What can we expect for our industry in the coming months, or years for that matter?

Upon further inspection of the crystal ball and another reading of the tea leaves, here is what we know for sure. Not a heck of a lot. [...]

Tourism Product Diversification Program applications open in spring

The Tourism Product Diversification and New Market Development Program offered by Tourism Saskatchewan supports businesses that wish to develop new experiences or reach new markets.

Up to $20,000 is available for new market development or seasonal expansion, and up to $30,000 is available for new experiential product development for established tourism businesses.

Applications for this program will open in the spring. Watch the Tourism Product Diversification and New Market Development Program page for updates.

Apply for the Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program

The renewed Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program (STSSP) offers relief to tourism businesses that suffered losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The STSSP offers a one-time, non-repayable emergency payment to eligible tourism operators in the hospitality and event/attraction industries. For the accommodation sector and large event facilities, payments range up to $50,000, depending on sales revenue. For attraction, tour or event operators, the payment range is $7,500-$15,000.

The STSSP application period is open until April 30; however, tourism operators are highly encouraged to apply immediately.



NEW! The QUASEP Program with iCheck

QUASEP is pleased to announce that iCheck, Canada’s largest national network of licensed, specialty trade vendors and general maintenance technicians is now a part of their program offering. This cost-effective solution for facility maintenance and repair services provides planned maintenance and responsive services for a wide range of services. Whether the job is big or small, let iCheck help you to get the job done! Learn More

We Welcome Wheatland Express

The Wheatland Express has chugged into the Saskatchewan tourism scene offering the prairies a unique train experience.

The not-for-profit organization collects and refurbishes historical rail cars in order to offer a variety of railway excursions. Tour themes include train heists, murder mysteries, Johnny Cash and Elvis tributes, family tours, and regular excursions. Whichever tour you choose, Wheatland’s tour themes appeal to everyone’s interests. [...]

Farewell Mary Taylor – Ash

Mary Taylor - Ash has been part of Saskatchewan's tourism family since 2013, when she moved from Newfoundland and Labrador to assume the role of Executive Director of Marketing at Tourism Saskatchewan. The following year, Mary was appointed CEO.
During the past year, Mary’s steady leadership has guided the work to rebuild an industry devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and make Saskatchewan’s tourism sector resilient to future challenges. Mary plans to retire at the end of June!



Saskatchewan Tourism Trends Report for 2020 available

Tourism Trends Reports present a review of tourism statistics and trends for Saskatchewan. Posted on, the reports feature information about Saskatchewan-U.S. border crossings, international air travel, hotel occupancy and average daily rates, tourism employment, average gasoline prices, discretionary spending habits, and average exchange rates for selected countries.

View the full Tourism Trends Report: 2020, which spans January-December and illustrates the impact of COVID-19 on the province’s tourism sector.



Health and Safety Leadership Certification - Start your journey today!

“Congratulations to the Hospitality Saskatchewan on being the FIRST organization to complete ALL four levels of HSLC.”

For more information, contact Service Hospitality to talk with one of our Safety Advisors about starting your HSLC journey.  


Shikara Dyck, Safety Advisor, Service Hospitality presents Jim Bence with the HSLC certification


The Best Wines Struggle

Doug Reichel, Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Inc.

Walking in the vineyards on the steep banks of the Mosel River in south-western Germany, I wondered how anyone maintains or harvests…. or does anything…. on these slopes without mountain goat hoofs or ropes.  And the “soil” is metres of coarse shale.  Wheat is definitely not the back-up crop here.  Winemaker Johannes Selbach (Selbach Riesling wines) tells us that the roots of some of the very old vines go down as much as 12 metres to get necessary nutrients – that’s a long journey to feed a grape! [...]

Contact: William Chan, QUASEP Account Manager -Email