Saskatchewan Tourism Trends Report for January-March available on Tourism Saskatchewan’s Business Hub

Tourism Trends Reports present a review of tourism statistics and trends for Saskatchewan. Assembled quarterly and yearly, the reports feature information about Saskatchewan-U.S. border crossings, international air travel, hotel occupancy and average daily rates, tourism employment, average gasoline prices, discretionary spending habits, and average exchange rates for selected countries. They are posted on Tourism Saskatchewan’s Business Hub under Statistics and Research.

View the Tourism Trends Report for January-March 2021, which illustrates the continuing effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the province’s tourism sector.

“Gather Again 2021”

After an 18 month wait, and with tremendous excitement, Hospitality Saskatchewan is pleased to announce our very first tourism industry association conference.  This year’s inaugural event will be held September 27, 28, 29, 2021 at the World Trade Centre Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.

This “Must Attend Event” will include 3 days of informative sessions, networking opportunities, and tradeshow. Featuring a wide variety of exhibitors that supply goods and services to the hospitality & tourism industry, operators will save time and money by shopping, sampling, and discovering the latest solutions from top suppliers to the industry.

Please mark the dates and plan to attend Canada’s only tourism industry conference scheduled in 2021. Register Today!

Prairieland Park opens doors to new sport

The organization recently made the decision to no longer offer live thoroughbred horse racing. Something that was available in Saskatoon for over 50 years. Regier said it was not an easy decision but one that unfortunately had to be made.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Regier. “We have put an extraordinary effort into sustaining live thoroughbred horse racing. We’ve tried to scratch out every possible revenue source and run it as lean as possible so that it’s financially viable.” [...]

VLT Commissions

In numerous discussions with Minister Jim Reiter, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming, we learned that the VLT commission increase we had received was tied to the COVID-19 Emergency Order. At the end of the order, commissions would automatically revert to 15%.  Minister Reiter also indicated that he was extremely interested in meeting again to discuss next steps and to hear from industry.

Subsequently President/CEO Hospitality Saskatchewan Jim Bence, two Hospitality Saskatchewan board members and one local restaurateur were able to meet with the minister and given the opportunity to express our concerns.  [...]




Hospitality industry staff are being mistreated by some customers during staff shortages

Hospitality Saskatchewan knows how hard you & your staff are working during the most challenging circumstances our industry has ever seen. Below you will find our "Please Be Kind" post & tent card to gently remind your clients and customers to be patient and kind with your employees! Additionally, please see our "Mental Health Resources" here.




Travel offers enhance marketing efforts and campaigns

The Travel Offers section on provides a channel to promote unique, authentic product offers that will entice customers. Tourism operators and businesses can list their offers for free on the consumer website. 

Tourism Saskatchewan is currently leading an advertising campaign that encourages Saskatchewan residents to travel the province this summer and enjoy new locations and adventures. A partnership with Hospitality Saskatchewan is promoting the concept of Saskatchewan “staycations.” Travel offers are an important feature of both campaigns and make planning a trip simple.

Check out the examples of Travel Offers on Give your offer a short, convincing title that evokes a sense of intrigue. Craft a clear, concise description (approximately 100 words), using active, inviting language and include the price/value. An accompanying image should convey the experience offered. 

Wine and Food: Let’s talk Barbecues / grilled foods

Doug Reichel, Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Inc.

I learned to seriously barbecue while living and working in South Africa for some eight years.  I used to say to people, for red meat choose a big cabernet sauvignon- or shiraz- based wine that has been aged in oak, dense in flavour concentration and colour and has lots of thick body with spiciness and pepperiness to boot.  i.e., all those big California and Australian wines. 

The problem was that as much as those wines were great sipping before we started eating, after we brought the grilled item and wine together the flavour nuances in the wine were actually “trampled” or suppressed and flattened by the barbecued meat. [...]

Tourism Recovery: Community-Led Workforce Action Plan

Investments in labour market strategies are essential to tourism’s ability to recover and be a key economic engine and future job creator for the Canadian economy. For this reason, tourism businesses often lead the way in developing a community-based workforce action plan. An effective strategy helps address labour force priorities set by government and ultimately builds a resilient and inclusive labour market. [...]

Loss Prevention: Robbery Response

ATM & VLT Theft Prevention
There are many great reasons to have an Automated Telling Machine (ATM) or Video Lottery Terminals (VLT). They can attract guests, provide a convenience service, and generate revenue.
They can also be an attractive target for criminals. [...]

Contact: William Chan, QUASEP Account Manager -Email